Welcome to 31 Days of Halloween, Boos & Ghouls!

Halloween 2007 076

Welcome to 31 Days of Halloween, a series of short family-friendly videos celebrating all that is ghoulishly good, silly, and (of course), scary about Halloween! It’s brought to you by Golden Summit, Inc., an award-winning Los Angeles-based team of digital content creators/strategists focused on entertainment, documentaries, marketing, and e-commerce.

Ready to get started? Fill up your candy bowl, draw the curtains, and settle in for 31 Days of Halloween… if you dare!



Day 1: It’s All About the Candy Corn

It’s October 1st, the first day of our 31 days of Halloween. Today we’re talking about family traditions. Check it out, then tell us about yours. We want to hear them all, no matter how small — you never know what could inspire someone else!

Day 3: “The Bloody Finger” Story

31 Days of Halloween Theater Presents… A Classic Lame Scary Story: The Bloody Finger! This is a scary story Orio tells the kids every Halloween. It has a very silly surprise ending, but the kids can’t get enough of it. Turn out the lights, turn up the sound and prepare to be scared!